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The Patient Institute would like to thank the following generous patrons for their continued support:

Ms. Amanda Allsup
Ms. Staci Almager
Ms. Margaret Barron
Ms. Alana Bowen
Ms. Sarah Beams
Ms. Kathy Beer
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Berkowitch
Ms. Catherine Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Blumenthal
Braverman Family Charitable Foundation
Ms. Laura Brod
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Brown
Dr. Herbert Brown and Mrs. Sylvia Brown
Mr. Steve Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cheever
Mrs. Graciela Cigarroa
Mr. Henry Cisneros
Mr. David Coben
Ms. Fran Cohen
Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Luann Cohen
Combs Consulting Group
Mr. Jared Diamond
Mr. Lewis Donzis
Mrs. Beth Eby
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Eisbrenner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Epner
Ms. Erin Ercoline
Ms. Anita Eth
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Emmy Eth
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Amy Fintel
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Forland
Mr. Rudy Garcia
Mrs. Brigitta Glick
Ms. Margaret Gofman-Klein
Dr. Charles Gutierrez
Mr. Rodney Gray
Mr. Bill Greehey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenwald
Dr. Sheldon Gross
Ms. Kristen Harder
Mr. Charles Harthan
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Henzi
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Holzman
Ms. Sheila Hotchkin
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Linda Hochster
Mr. Jim Howser
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hutzler
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jewett
Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Mary Jimenez
Drs. Raymond and Deborah Kaercher
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Margaret Kanyusik
Ms. Elisabeth Krimbill
Mr. Michael Kountze
Mr. Sylvan Stephen Lang
Dr. Amy Lang and Mr. Sylvan Lang Jr.
Ms. Linda Levy and Mr. Daniel Laser
Dr. Luci Leykum
Mr. Alvin Loewenberg
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Eileen Lundin
Ms. Diana Mathews
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Marx
Drs. Thomas Mayes and Minnette Son
Ms. Bernice Mazer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Merren
Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Anne Meyn
Mr. Morris and Mrs. Deborah Miller
Mr. Rodrick Moe
Mr. William Moll
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morris
Dr. and Mrs. David Mozersky
Ms. Bonnie Munroe
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Mygdal
Mr. Michael Nelson
Ms. Gabriele Niederauer
Drs. Fred and Susan Nordhauser
Drs. Allen and Susan Noorily
Dr. Robert Parker and Mrs. Ann Parker
Ms. Rosie Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Piazzi
Mrs. Janet Poole
Ms. Reesa Pullen
Ms. Roslyn R. Pullen
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Shari Pulman
Ms. Emilie Pitman-Kreager
Mr. Justin Pozos and Ms. Cynthia Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. William Rasco
Dr. Adam Ratner and Mrs. Varda Ratner
Mrs. Joan Ratner, Ph.D.
Dr. Emily Ratner
Mrs. Linda Ratner
Ms. Jill Ray
Judge Bonnie Reed and Mr. Stuart Schlossberg
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Diana Rice
Ms. Dharma Rodriguez
Mr. Hector Rodriguez
Mr. Raul Rodriguez
Ms. Tia Teresa Saka
Ms. Barbie Scharf-Zeldes
Mr. Sol and Mrs. Joanie Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Scott
Mr. Guy and Mrs. Caroline Seay
Mrs. Vivian Shoolman
Dr. Scott Sledge
Mr. Bradley Shill
Mr. Robert Sims
Mr. and Mrs. David Sokol
Mr. Barry Solomon
Mr. Marc Solomon
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Lynn Stahl
The Lynn and Samuel Stahl Family Philanthropic Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Stockstiel
Dr. Claudia R. Stool
Mr. Carlos Torres
Ms. Mary Torres
Mr. Anatole and Mrs. Sherie Trakhtenbroit
Mr. August Trevino
Ms. Helen Trowsdale
Mr. and Mrs. John Troy
Ms. Diana Vasquez
Mr. and Mrs. Sig Weiner
Ms. Joan Westgor
Ms. K.T. Whitehead
Dr. Jerald Winakur and Ms. Lee Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wulfe
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Ruthie Wurzburg
Mr. Chris Yan
Ms. Angela Zarnoti
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Zinn