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The Patient Institute would like to thank the following generous patrons for their continued support:

Braverman Family Charitable Foundation
Ms. Laura Brod
Dr. Herbert Brown and Mrs. Sylvia Brown
Mrs. Graciela Cigarroa
Mr. Jared Diamond
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Forland
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenwald
Ms. Sheila Hotchkin
Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Linda Hochster
Mr. Jim Howser
Ms. Elisabeth Krimbill
Ms. Linda Levy and Mr. Daniel Laser
Mr. Alvin Loewenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Merren
Mr. Morris and Mrs. Deborah Miller
Drs. Fred and Susan Nordhauser
Dr. Robert Parker and Mrs. Ann Parker
Mrs. Janet Poole
Ms. Emilie Pitman-Kreager
Mr. and Mrs. William Rasco
Dr. Adam Ratner and Mrs. Varda Ratner
Mrs. Joan Ratner, Ph.D.
Dr. Emily Ratner
Mrs. Linda Ratner
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Diana Rice
Mr. Sol and Mrs. Joanie Schwartz
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Lynn Stahl
The Lynn and Samuel Stahl Family Philanthropic Fund
Dr. Claudia R. Stool
Ms. Helen Trowsdale
Ms. Joan Westgor
Dr. Jerald Winakur and Ms. Lee Robinson
Mr. Dick and Mrs. Ruthie Wurzburg
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Zinn