"Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career."—Anonymous

Our internships, whether through a school or university course/program (formal) or independent (informal) provide those interested in a career in healthcare delivery, public health, healthcare administration, nonprofit public charities, and others with real world experience.  We are a small all-volunteer organization, so you will quickly become part of the team, working closely with the Chief Executive Officer and members of the Board of Directors. 

Who should apply?

Students and recent graduates

What will I be doing?

Assisting the CEO and Board members, project leadership/coordination, data analysis, social media, fundraising, creating presentations and much more.

Where will I work?

Both remotely and at our office

Why do an internship?

For learning, experience, and possibly college credit.

Will I be paid?

No, but the knowledge gained and connections made will be invaluable

Our goals:

1.     To provide the intern with an educational experience and to serve as a transition into the professional world
2.     To extend the intern’s knowledge and skill base and to facilitate the application of these to a real world setting
3.     To provide the intern with experience with the inner-workings of a nonprofit organization
4.     To increase the productivity of the organization

Your requirements:

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• High level of computer competency
• Self-motivated
• Organized
• Willing to help with any project no matter how large or small
• Ability to balance multiple priorities at once
• A strong desire to make a difference and a passion for our mission

Our internships, available for course credit, inspire, inform, and connect the next generation of healthcare and non-profit leaders.

Please email info@patientinstitute.org or call us at 210.862.1678 to learn more.