We take great pride in continuing the legacy of Dr. Irving Ratner, for whom The Patient Institute was founded. He believed the patient and their families come first, and we feel no one needs us more than the senior patient. All of the work we do, from community programs to patient organizational booklets, is focused on educating seniors and their families on the complexities of aging. Your gifts help continue our efforts, and enhance the lives of those who have touched so many throughout their own lives. 


Taking Control of Your Healthcare: A Guide for Seniors organizes patients for a more active role in their healthcare. We designed, printed, and distributed over 1,000 free copies of this 48-page workbook to seniors in the community. 

WE LEAP is a strategic training program for pre-medical and other pre-healthcare profession students. It has so far introduced 85 students to knowledge and skills that will assist them in becoming more effective and compassionate future healthcare providers for the growing senior population.

Community educational programs We give free workshops on our educational programs at independent living facilities, senior centers, public libraries, and places of worship, including on the use of our Taking Control of Your Healthcare: A Guide for Seniors.

Health Fairs and Conferences We exhibit and distribute our educational materials throughout the year at various health fairs and conferences.

Lectures We co-sponsor guest lecturers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio with their Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics.